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An award-winning author, I've also edited and critiqued novels, stories and newspaper articles, and written book reviews.

My rates are tuned to the market. I can work hourly or by the project, whichever is most comfortable for you.

If you need a smart, friendly editor with a sharp eye for detail and a strong sense of the big picture, please contact me through this website.

Recommendations from Published Authors

John Yeoman, novelist: My US friend Diana Holdsworth has just launched her own editing and proofreading service for bloggers and other writers. I highly recommend her. She did an ace job on my debut novel The Cunning Man which has gained more than fifty 5-star reviews across five Amazon sites in just eight weeks.

Jendi Reiter, novelist and poet: “Thanks, Diana, for your thoughtful critique of my novel manuscript TWO NATURES. You gave me insight into my characters’ motivations and encouraged me to share more of their vulnerabilities. You’re a great support for writers.”

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Selected Works

is a new Anthology that includes Diana's story, A Girl's Best Friend. Check out this e-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IBook. "The voices in these stories are as strong and unique as the individuals who created them. They cover a range of genres, but all of them use a diamond necklace and a dead woman as the fulcrum." -- Devon Ellington, author
On an archaeological dig in Jerusalem, a headstrong American woman must learn to work with the willful Israeli leader of the operation to find the treasure she seeks.
A leading actor tries to save the life of his father, trapped behind the iron curtain, but to do so, must risk the life of the woman he loves.
Celebrating the role of native American women, their influence as members of a culture centered in nature.