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Death Sparkles Anthology

This new Anthology of short stories has strong and varied authorial voices in a range of genres, including one by Diana.

In A Girl's Best Friend, Edith has married a prominent New York City psychiatrist in hopes of a safe and comfortable life. However, she soon discovers that her husband misunderstands and dislikes her artistic soul, and plans to have her committed to a mental institution.

Gold in the Stone

On an archaeological dig in Jerusalem, headstrong, beautiful American, Alexandra Cauldwell, must learn how to manage the most willful, and handsome, Israeli she's ever met. Will she manage to engage General David McKellen in the search of a lifetime -- the hunt for the treasure of Mary Magdalene and the secrets it reveals, while keeping it out of the wrong hands? And will she find the love she's resisted until now?

Gold in the Stone has been translated into numerous languages around the world including French, German and Japanese

Shining Moment

In this romantic tale, actor Derek Langley must try to save the father he dearly loves who is trapped behind the iron curtain, but to do so, he must risk the life of Kate Brenner, his leading lady and the woman he has come to love.

Shining Moment has been published in numerous languages around the world including German, French and Japanese.

Native American Women

Awareness of the cental place of women in Native American society is crucial if one would understand the culture. By honoring the strength, creativity and unique perspective of Native American women, this book reflects the unity in Native life: the intertwined realms of the spirit world, and daily life and art, past and present.

Native American Women has been translated into Japanese with a special introduction by the author for that market.